About giffgaff

Why giffgaff?

giffgaff is a British mobile phone company. It belongs to the O2-Telefonica group and enjoys great coverage and excellent quality of service at low prices.

Our goal with giffgaff europa is to offer you the possibility of having a British mobile phone number before arriving in the UK.

Roaming in Europe no longer exists (which is great for tourism), but if you are coming to stay, you will need a UK number to obtain your National Insurance Number (NIN), to open a bank account, to put on your CV…

Request your giffgaff SIM card now and activate it online from home so that you have one less thing to worry about when you arrive.

giffgaff no contract

No contracts

No contracts. No documents to sign. No need to pay if you do not use your phone. Not enough?

Activate your SIM online in less than 5 minutes and, if you are not are satisfied with our services, you can leave whenever you want. No questions asked.

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giffgaff data

Flexible plans and unlimited data

With giffgaff, calls are unlimited and data never runs out with the unlimited data plans.

Change your monthly plan according to your needs or renew it anytime if you run out of data.

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giffgaff data

Free shipping and £5 extra credit

Order your SIM card on giffgaff europa and we will ship it free to any country in Europe within 5 business days.

Activate your SIM card with a monthly plan and you will receive £5 free credit.

Don’t believe it? Order your free SIM now. You will be surprised!

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Cheap international calls

Calling your family and friends back in your country is essential to start your new life in the UK. We all miss our family (and not everyone is on WhatsApp).

giffgaff offers you international calls at ridiculous prices so you can call home as much as you want.

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Great reception

giffgaff operates with the O2-Telefonica network, rated as the best in the UK. It offers 4G coverage to 99% of the population so that you are connected anywhere.

5G available soon!

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