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giffgaff sim card


giffgaff is a UK mobile phone company. We belong to the O2-Telefonica group, so in addition to offering excellent coverage and quality of service, we are also convinced that we have the best tariffs in the United Kingdom.

We are very aware of the needs of immigrants, so our goal with giffgaffeuropa is to offer our giffgaff SIM cards to all EU citizens planning on moving to the UK in order to simplify their adaptation process and allow them to stay connected with their loved ones.

Roaming in Europe no longer exists, but international calls still cost money, so, if you come to stay, having a British phone number is essential as it is a requirement to open bank accounts, sign up for National Insurance or even look for jobs.

giffgaff no contract

No contracts

Forget about lengthy contracts, signing documents or even paying if you do not use your phone.

With giffgaff you can sign up and activate your SIM card online and, if at any time you are not satisfied with our services, you can just cancel your account. We will miss you, but we will not question your decision, nor will we try to convince you to stay.

giffgaff data


With our ALWAYS ON service, data will never run out and you will stay connected to the Internet at all times.

With ALWAYS ON, once your 9GB allowance is up, you get UNLIMITED data at maximum 4G speed between 00:00 and 07:59 and at a reduced speed of 384kbps the rest of the time.

giffgaff free credit

Free delivery and £5 extra credit

If you order your giffgaff SIM card through giffgaffeuropa, we will not only send you your giffgaff SIM card for free to any country in Europe in a maximum of 5 business days, but we will also give you £5 extra credit when activating it with a monthly plan equal to or greater than £10.

Don’t you believe it? Order it now and you will be surprised!

giffgaff world

Cheap international calls

We know that calling and staying in contact with your family and friends back at home is essential when starting a new life in the United Kingdom (we all miss our family!). This is the reason why we offer international calls at ridiculous prices so that you can call home as much as you want for as long as you need.

Our rates vary depending on the country you are calling, but whatever country you are from, we are sure that our low rates will surprise you.