How to activate a sim

1. Activate SIM

Go to and click on ACTIVATE A SIM to begin the activation process

2. Enter the activation code

Enter the 6 digit code printed on your sim and click on ACTIVATE to continue.

Ignore the UK address notice as you can change it later.

3. User registration

Select your unique username, a password and introduce your email address. You can only register one sim card per username. Your password needs to be at least 8 characters long. It must contain at least one letter and at least one number or special character.

4. Choose tariff

Here you have to select the tariff that best suits your needs. If you are still not in the UK, our recommendation is to activate the sim card with just credit. Goodybags and gigabags only work in the UK and can be activated using your credit later on.

Click on ONLY WANT TO TOP-UP to activate the sim card with just credit.

5. Choose the amount of credit

Select the amount of credit you want top-up. Remember that on top of this amount you will receive an extra £5 of bonus credit.

6. Auto top-up settings

You can enable auto top-up settings in order to never run out of credit. Auto top-up is optional.

7. Personal details

Here you have to introduce your name, surnames, date of birth and UK address.

If you still don’t have an address in the UK, in postcode you have to introduce the code AA99AA and click on FIND ADDRESS in order to introduce your address manually. You have to introduce your address in the following format:

  • ADDRESS LINE 1: Street name, number, flat, block, etc.
  • ADDRESS LINE 2: Postcode, city and region.
  • TOWN: Name of your country in English and in capital letters.

Only letters and numbers are accepted. Avoid using any special characters.

8. Payment

Select your type of bank card, introduce its number, your name as it appears on the card, the expiration date and the 3 digit CVV security code. The same address you registered previously will appear.

If you don’t have a British address, you MUST change the postcode AA99AA to a VALID British postcode. Otherwise you will get a validation error during payment. Click on EDIT YOUR ADDRESS DETAILS to change it.

You can use any of the following valid postcodes: W14 8AA, BA12 9AF, TW7 5BW, TR15 1SA, SW6 1EL, TA1 4ER, M12 6AB...

9. Verification of payment

Depending on your credit card and bank, an extra step might appear in which your bank will ask for extra security details to process the payment. Sometimes they will ask for a password, a PIN code or a code that they send you via SMS.

10. Confirmation and activation

Once the payment has been accepted, your giffgaff sim card will be activated. This process usually takes less than a minute. Once activated you will be able to your sim card straight away.

If you click on MY GIFFGAFF you will be able to see your number and your credit. You will receive an SMS with your number and details.