giffgaff is a UK mobile phone company that runs on the O2 network. Apart from offering an excellent reception it also offers possibly the best mobile tariffs in the UK.

At giffgaff europa, an official partner of giffgaff, we understand the needs of UK immigrants so our aim is to distribute giffgaff SIM cards to anyone in Europe planning to move to the UK to live, work or study. By ordering a giffgaff SIM card, we will help you to stay connected with your love ones back at home and with all your new friends in the UK.

We know that moving to a new country can be daunting, so being able to access the Internet as soon as you land is must, as this will allow you to look up maps, check transport links, book hotels, call and receive job offers… you name it! Remember that including a UK mobile number in your CV will also increase the odds of being contacted, so if you are coming to work, don’t hesitate and order your free giffgaff SIM card now.

No contracts

With giffgaff you can forget about lengthy contracts, signing documents you don’t understand or paying a fix amount of money every month even if you don’t use your phone.

giffgaff is simple. You can activate your SIM card online in minutes, select the tariff that best suits you and pay only for what you use. No need to open a new bank account either, as you can pay using your current debit/credit card.

And, if for some reason you are unhappy with giffgaff’s services, you are free to leave at any point. No questions asked.

Always On data

With Always On data you get 6 GB of UK data per month at full 4G speed. Once your allowance is up, you get UNLIMITED data at a reduced speed of 256kbps from 8am to midnight and at full 4G speed the rest of the time.

Always On data is designed to give you peace of mind that you’ll always be connected and have access the Internet all the time. Imagine the world of possibilities that this offers.

Cheap international rates

We know that calling and being in contact with your family and friends back at home is essential when you start a new life abroad (we all miss our family!) so giffgaff offers extremely cheap tariffs that will allow you calling home as many times as you want for as long as you need.

giffgaff’s international rates differ between countries, so you better check the international tariffs section to find out how much it will cost you to call home. Wherever you come from, we are sure that you will be amazed with giffgaff’s super low international tariffs!